Analyzer Information Module (AIM) – Predictive maintenance tool

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AIM is a predictive maintenance tool to assist operators and reliability engineers to get insight into their measurement equipment.

You are on a need-to-know basis!

You need to know the level of performance of your analyzer systems; are they giving you reliable, accurate and repeatable results? If not, operation of your analyzer systems could be compromised!

AIM Tablet
AIM is available on a dedicated server and supports mobile devices even for ATEX zone 1.

AIM offers the Solution

That is why ASaP has developed the Analyzer Information Module (AIM). AIM is the perfect management tool for all brands of process analyzers used in the oil and gas and (petro) chemical industries. AIM can be implemented for new and existing analyzer systems.

What can AIM do for you?

AIM provides operators, reliability engineers and management with detailed information and analyses on their analyzer systems so they can monitor and improve process control.

AIM monitors analyzer performance and provides a clear visualization of the data on Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) like:

  • Performance: accuracy and repeatability
  • Maintenance: corrective and preventive
  • Availability: actual and historical data
  • Validation: (manual/automatic) with statistical evaluation of results
  • Calibration: info on gases and consumption
  • Monitoring of equipment; ranging from simple transmitters to complex analyzers (GC’s)
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AIM enables you to reduce cost of maintenance and parts, AIM will inform you when maintenance is required based on actual and historical data.


AIM is built on modern technology that allows de-central deployment. This can range from the local field up to the central control room. It uses standard protocols to allow easy integration.

Analyzer Information Module AIM Architecture
AIM Centralizes logic to validate analytical equipment regardless of make and model

AIM Technology

AIM is available on a dedicated server and supports mobile devices even for ATEX zone 1.

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AIM is developed with its own protocol stack and allows integration with common industry protocols such as Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Analog and Discrete Signals and OPC.

Analyzer Information Module AIM Server
Close monitoring prevents unplanned downtime.

No infrastructure available? AIM is an independent stand-alone system, which can be integrated at any time!

Increase operational efficiency

Analyzer Information Module Reports

AIM features a fully integrated report generator to automate generation of common reports.

AIM Reports
Custom reports can be implemented on request.  

AIM complies to ASTM D-6299

AIM requires low investment and yields high gains in efficiency, maintenance savings and increased availability.

Do you need an analyzer, sample conditioning system, or spare parts?

Do you have an analytical problem nobody can solve?

Do you have an issue with your gas analyzer or sample system?

Analyzer Information Module (AIM) – Predictive maintenance tool
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