Ametek 3050-OLV Process Moisture Analyzer

Fast, Reliable PPMV Moisture Measurement

Ametek 3050-OLV Process Moisture Analyzer

Ametek 3050-OLV Process Moisture Analyzer

The Model 3050-OLV measures trace levels of moisture in a gas through the use of a quartzcrystal oscillator sample cell. AMETEK is the leader in quartz-crystal technology, which for thirty years has offered significant advantages over other measurement techniques:

  • It is the most accurate trace moisture measurement technology available
  •  It responds far faster to both increasing and decreasing moisture levels
  • It is specific to moisture in most applications
  • It provides a much more rugged sensor


  • Humidity measurement vs. moisture measurement
  • The quartz-crystal oscillator
  • Unique sampling system
  • Sophisticated system diagnostics
  • High speed mode provides even faster respons

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