Ametek 4000

Ametek 4000
Ametek 4000

AMETEK Western Research’s Model 4000 Photometric
Analyser is the world’s choice for reliable, accurate,
continuous, on-line photometry measurement, and the
only photometric analyzer on the market with over 40
years of actual field experience in thousands of
applications. The analyzer was initially developed to
fill various measurement needs within the chemical
industry, and later the applications were expanded to
include a wide variety of other industries.


  • Chlorine Purity/Chlorination Processes
  • Fluorination Processes
  • Phosgenation Processes
  • Impurity Monitoring
  • Pulp & Paper Bleaching
  • Turbidity


  • High sensitivity, accuracy and repeatability
  • No moving parts
  • High temperature performance
  • Wide range of processes analysed
  • Simplified sampling process

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