Ametek 4610

Ametek 4610
Ametek 4610

The 4610 Analyzer System is designed for source
monitoring of nitrogen oxides. With minor changes, it can
also be used for analysis of much higher concentrations
(up to 100%) of nitrogen oxides in gas streams typical in
acid plants.


  • Complete system for monitoring NO and NO2 from emission sources.
  • Minimum full scale range 200 ppm.
  • Selective, with no interference from H2O, CO2, CO, SO2, SO3 atmospheric gases, or particulates.
  • No catalyst or ozone generation required.
  • No wet chemistry involved. Operates without reagent solutions or devices for metering chemicals.
  • Simplicity: Little operator training or attention required.
  • Proven high reliability: Unsurpassed on-line performance.
  • Low maintenance: Simple, rugged design minimizes maintenance and need for spare parts. No special skills needed for servicing.
  • Unsurpassed long-term accuracy: Easy calibration and interference-free measurement give operators high confidence in results.
  • Fully accepted by EPA: To date, all AMETEK source monitoring systems have passed EPA certification.

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