Ametek 881NSL

Ametek 881NSL
Ametek 881NSL

AMETEK’s No Sample Line technology for the sulphur pit. The 881-NSL has no costly troublesome external sample line. The analyzer mounts directly on your sulphur pit lid, eliminating sample line plugging, the number one problem in Claus Plant analysis. The 881-NSL photometer combines an extraordinary long lamp life (estimated 5 years!) with many innovative features designed to minimize maintenance and increase reliability.


Direct Process Mounting Design
Sample line plugging is the number one maintenance problem for all sulphur recovery analyzers. The 881-NSL is installed directly on your sulphur pit lid; sample gas is drawn directly into the analyzer and returned to the process through the same sample tap. There is no need for a costly, heated sample line.

Long Term Reliability
Mechanical parts will wear and reduce analyzer reliability. The 881-NSL employs a heated air aspirated sample system eliminating the need for moving parts. The detector is solid state with no moving parts.

Improved Plant Safety
Achieved through continuous monitoring of the H2S content in the sulphur pit atmosphere to warn of build-up of explosive concentrations of H2S in the space above the liquid sulphur.

Lower Operating Costs
Save purge air by using the analyzer to control the H2S concentration at a safe level by adjusting the purge air flow rate.

Integrated Worldwide Design
The 881-NSL is compliant with CENELEC, NEC, and EC
directives and other world wide standards.

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