Ametek 910

Ametek 910
Ametek 910

The Model 910 is a version of the Model 920 specifically
configured for monitoring stack emissions on a mass rate
basis. The standard configuration measures stack effluent
temperature and velocity in addition to pollutant
concentrations at stack conditions, enabling mass emission
rates to be reported. With the addition of an optional zirconium oxide sensor, the Model 910 is capable of monitoring oxygen and providing oxygen corrected measurements.


  • Hot/wet analysis prevents errors associated with: Correcting for water and absorption losses in driers
  • Multi-component gas analysis (up to five species)
  • Multi-range SO2 measurement
  • Independent NO and NO2 measurement
  • No H2O or CO2 interference
  • Automated zero and span gas calibration
  • Provides serial interface with plant DCS
  • Incorporates flow measurement for emission rate calculations

CEM applications in:

  • Sulfur plants
  • Smelters
  • Coal, oil, and gas fired power plants
  • Industrial boilers

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