Ametek 930

Ametek 930
Ametek 930

Backed by over thirty years of process and analyzer
experience in sulphur recovery, AMETEK Western
Research developed the Model 930 H2S Vapour Space
Analyser for sulphur pit storage applications. The
AMETEK- designed Model 930 has been field proven
as one of the industry’s most reliable instruments for
monitoring H2S and SO2


  • Sulphur recovery, storage, and de-gassing


  • Simultaneous, accurate measurement of both H2S and SO2
  • Output alarms for H2S (LEL) and SO2 (smoldering fire)
  • Common design with Model 900 (air demand) and Model 910 (stack gas)
  • Exceptional baseline stability and sensitivity
  •  Advanced Sulphur Removal (ASR) Probe prevents sulphurplugging

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