Ametek HUMOX

Ametek CEM/O2
Ametek CEM/O2

Thermox introduces the first analyzer that measures both percent moisture and percent oxygen in flue gases. This 2-in-1 analyzer is designed for flue gas applications up to 3200°F (1760°C) containing up to 85% moisture! It is ideal for direct-fired applications where accurate measurement of moisture and oxygen is critical for process control or emissions-related monitoring.


Can be used anywhere you need to measure the percent moisture content in flue gas or combustionfired process gas. This ranges from utilities requiring the readings for emissions purposes to processes using direct-fired combustion air that require a specific moisture level in the process gas for manufacturing,drying control or other quality purposes. 


  • Get both an oxygen and moisture measurement in one analyzer instead of needing two separate analyzers.
  • Zirconium oxide cells are contained in a single, compact enclosure, leading to lower installation costs,fewer spare parts, and less maintenance.
  • No sample conditioning required. Takes readings right from the stack or sample line.
  • Ideal for direct-fired combustion applications because it works in processes up to 3200°F (1760°C) where the oxygen and moisture content can continuously change.
  • Provides oxygen reading on a wet or dry basis, as well as a moisture reading. Continuous moisture reading allows for correction between wet and dry gas readings to facilitate the needs of various regulatory agencies.

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Ametek HUMOX
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