Ametek CG1100 RTP

Ametek CG1100-RTP

Ametek CG1100-RTP

The CG1100-RTP oxygen analyzer is one of a
growing range of products offered by AMETEK for
the semiconductor industry. Specifically developed
for the industry’s rapid thermal processing (RTP)
wafer fabrication systems, the CG1100-RTP
oxygen analyzer meets the special requirements
for use on RTP tools and has been integrated by
leading semiconductor tool manufacturers into their
latest RTP and Mini-Batch systems.


  • Fast response over a Wide Operating Range
  • Easy to Integrate into Tool Controller and Data Acquisition System
  • Electronic Flow Meter and VSO Proportional Solenoid
  • Zirconium Oxide Sensor
  • Optional System 2000 Software Available
  • Compact

     Ametek CG1100 RTP PDF

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