Ametek ProLine

Ametek ProLine
Ametek ProLine

With outstanding sensitivity, stability and unequaled clean mass separation across the whole mass range, these analyzers offer process MS at a process GC price. Available in benchtop, weatherproof and hazardous area configurations, the analyzers can sample from up to 32 inlet ports each of which can be assigned different analysis methods. Now you can afford to use MS for applications currently using GC, NIR, FTIR or multiple single component devices, or as a complement to multiple process analyzers. Available with 1-100, 1-200 or 1-300 amu range.

Applications include:

  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) driven
  • Control of solvent drying processes to minimize cycle times
  • Fermentation studies (respiratory quotient RQ, biotechnology research, genomics and genetics, vaccines and antibodies, recombinant and therapeutic proteins, pharmaceuticals)
  • Biomass studies
  • Fuel cell research and production
  • Catalytic reactions and catalyst efficiency
  • Ethylene and ethylene oxide production (mass balance, reformer efficiency)
  • Ammonia, methanol and synthesis gas production
  • Gas blending and bulk gas analysis
  • General process troubleshooting and development