ASaP Phazer & LNG Sampler System; the winning combination!

For applications as described like the Challenger FSRU, the ASaP Phazer and LNG Sampler System combination is used for custody transfer of LNG with compliance to G.I.I.G.N.L., ISO 8943, tested against EN 12838.

ASaP Phazer & LNG Sampler System; the winning combination! LNG sampler.

The most critical part in such a system is the LNG probe vaporizer that provides the natural gas to the GC. In this step, it is usually partial or pre-vaporization that leads to erratic readings. The ASaP Phazer is the only LNG probe-vaporizer in the world that provides verifiable accurate and representative LNG samples and can do this with a transfer pressure as low as 0,5 BarG

Click here for the paper on LNG sampling at low pressure

The financial impact of such wrong readings can be enormous, which is why the industry is now globally recognizing the value that the Phazer or a Phazer and LNG Sampler combination represents.

LNG Sampler System specifications

ASaP supplies this LNG sampling system with auxiliary equipment in accordance with the following technical specifications:

  • Sampling System wetted parts : Material SS316Size (H x W x D) approximately : 2000 x 1600 x 500 mm
  • Material : Glass Reinforced Polyester
  • Weight Approximately : 350 kg
  • Hazardous Area classification : II 2 G ATEX Ex Zone 1 IIB T3
  • Ambient temperature range : -20°C to 50°C
  • Filling pressure Sample Cylinders : approximately 8 barG
ASaP Phazer & LNG Sampler System; the winning combination! software
Intuitive LNG Sampler System controller software

For more information, you are invited to contact Mr. Hans-Peter Visser: or +31628650422 who will gladly convince you of the benefits the ASaP system has to offer.

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ASaP Phazer & LNG Sampler System; the winning combination!
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