Bio fuel production process control

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Automated process control

Ametek Western Research Model IPS-4 Integrated Photometric Spectrometer Gas Analyzer

One of our most versatile analytical platforms is the Model IPS-4 UVVIS and NIR process analyzer capable of detecting, quantifying, and compensating for multiple chemicals and interfering species. Ametek can customize the sample handling and conditioning system to meet your sample fluid and application requirements. The IPS-4 can be used to analyze for ethanol content in gasohol, methyl esters in plant oil derived fuels, ester content in bio fuel/diesel mixtures, and many other liquid and gas bio fuel production applications.

Ametek Dycor ProMaxion Process Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer

Process mass spectrometry provides real-time analysis of multi-component streams and is ideal for control of many complex industrial processes such as the manufacturing of bio fuels. These include the compositional analysis of gases produced during the bio-degradation of waste materials and the monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in waste water streams.

Bio fuel Off-gas analysis

Depending on the feedstock used, gasification can produce significant amounts of the higher hydrocarbons. Knowing what they are and how much is there can lead to tighter process control and provide an early warning system for potentially damaging process upsets. When the extracted landfill gas is to be reintroduced into the pipeline, O2 and CO2 levels must be within strict transmission guidelines. With 10 ppm baseline sensitivity (1 ppm with optional electron multiplier detector), the ProLine can ensure continuing product quality.

Maximizing the output of a syngas producing bioreactor requires a differential measurement across the reactor. A ProLine or ProMaxion analyzer, with a typical analysis time of less than 15 seconds/sample point, is able to provide a uniquely detailed picture of the entire process. The Process 2000 software package, with its real-time Calculation Editor, eliminates the need to port data into a separate package for post-acquisition manipulation. Component ratios, input/output subtractions, and merging of other process data are performed and displayed simultaneously with the raw data acquisition.

Industrial Gas Production

Ametek Process Instruments Model 3050-OLV Process Moisture Gas Analyzer

The Ametek Model 3050-OLV process moisture gas analyzer is ideal for critical moisture measurement applications including feed gas analysis in bio fuel production and moisture levels in methane produced from biodegration of organic waste. The Model 3050-OLV process moisture gas analyzer uses Ametek’s proprietary Quartz Crystal Micro-balance (QCM) sensor technology to provide an accurate and responsive moisture measurement. The Model 3050-OLV process moisture gas analyzer has a built-in NIST-traceable moisture source that periodically validates the sensor’s response, ensuring operator confidence.

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