Buhler AGFT30

Buhler AGFT30
Buhler AGFT30

Sample gas streams must be conditioned to provide particulate and moisture-free gas to the analyzer. Some applications require components made of highly corrosion resistant materials while others require inert materials. The AGF-T-30 is made of Duran glass and PTFE and is an excellent solution for many corrosive applications and most reactive gas applications. The filter elements are made of sintered PTFE and have little or no absorption properties and these properties are well-known. The versatile mounting bracket allows the filter installation in any flow direction. A variety of sizes and porosity allows use in almost any application. Element and casing provide low dead volume for rapid response.


  • Filter head made of solid PTFE
  • PTFE seal
  • Highly corrosion resistant
  • PTFE filter elements with pore size of 2µm or 25µm
  • Little or no absorption of trace gases
  • Fast response
  • Versatile mounting bracket

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Buhler AGFT30
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