Buhler AHF22

Buhler AHF22
Buhler AHF22

The traditional design of heated particulate filters requires considerable maintenance and down time due to the work required to change the filter media. Buhler’s AHF-22 incorporates a new advanced design that eliminates much of this work and sets new standards for ease and speed of maintenance. A spent filter can be changed in seconds and does not require dismantling the unit. Depending on the application, the filter can be heated by self-regulating or controller-regulated cartridges. Filter media are available in sintered stainless steel, ceramic of pleated stainless steel.


  • Robust and reliable design
  • Easy installation
  • Change filter element without tools or disassembly
  • Regulated or self-regulating heating
  • Optional calibration gas port
  • No cold spots

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Buhler AHF22
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