Bühler ATEX pumps are the most durable

Bÿhler P2.4 ATEX

According to the ATEX regulations a regular inspection of pumps is necessary. Bühler pumps have a very long lifetime, the inspection interval is 43,800 hours or 5 years! The inspection extends to all moving parts of the pumps including the motor. Because the removal and return of the pump is associated with business interruption and costs, we have an alternative option.

New pump for an exchange price

We can send you a new pump for an exchange price, you can mount this onto the existing plate, which only takes a few minutes. In this way, you have the complete running time of 43,800 hours or 5 years reliable operation at your disposal without any interruption! Please check the ATEX status of your pumps and ask us for more information.

Bühler ATEX pumps are the most durable
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