Buhler BA2000

Buhler BA2000
Buhler BA2000

In combustion applications such as process heaters, steam generation boilers or fumaces, the amount of air needed to reach optimum system efficiency can vary rapidly. The optimum heat rate for these units, which may lie within narrow limits, can be achieved with the BA2000.


  • Fast response
  • Easy replacement of probe and filter
  • Easy to handle
  • Flue gas temperature uptp 1600°C
  • Durable ZrO2– cell
  • Display showing O2 concentration
  • 4-20 mA signal output
  • Ambient temperature -20°C up to 70°C
  • No reference gas needed
  • No calibration needed
  • Calibration by instrument air
  • No gas conditioning needed

Buhler BA2000 PDF

Buhler BA2000
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