Buhler BA4000 Injection

Buhler BA4000 Injection
Buhler BA4000 Injection

The portable Buhler O2 -analyzer BA 4000 Inj. is designed for oxygen analysis in small packages. Typically, it is used for analysis of head space volume in bottles, cans of sort packages.

Two different models handle different package sizes.          BA 4000 Inj. GV – Volumes >35ml                          Integrated sample pump controlled by an adjustable time relay.                                                                                  BA 4000 Inj. KV – Volumes between 15 and 35 ml. External vacuum pump. Integrated vent valve.


  • Paramagnetic detection principle
  • O2 analysis at low volumes ≥ 15ml
  • Long life measuring cell
  • Simple operation
  • Fast and accurate O2 -analysis
  • Optional time relay for pump control
  • Broad applocation range due to choice of piercing probes.

Buhler BA4000 injection PDF

Buhler BA4000 Injection
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