Buhler BA4000

Buhler BA4000
Buhler BA4000

The portable Buhler OAnalyzer is suitable for various applications in non-hazardous areas. As an option the BA 4000 can be equipped with an integrated sample gas pump. The optional sampling pump is required for applications at atmospherica pressure or light vacuum and is switched on and off by an intergrated switch in front of the panel. The calibration can de done easily with N2 as zero gas and ambient air as the span gas. The calibration points can be adjusted using the potentiometers on the front panel. As fine filter protects the measurement cell from particulate contamination. The BA 4000 is powered by an integrated high capacity battery allowing it to operated independently from a power dupply for at least 14 hours.


  • Paramagnetic operating principle
  • 4-20 mA analog output
  • Reliable, durable measuring cell
  • Simple operation
  • Fast accurate O2 analysis
  • Various ranges available
  • Housing in IP 20
  • Battery operated

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Buhler BA4000
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