Buhler BA4510

Buhler BA4510
Buhler BA4510

The BA4510 is designed for measurements of oxygen traces in inert gases. Its is based on an advanced, zirconia measurement cell. The highly selective cell combines high mechanical strength with consistent accuracy. With inert gases, the cell delivers an increasing signal if the partial pressure of oxygen drops thus giving a highly precise measurement of trace oxygen levels.

For measurement in gases containing combustible components, a special version is availiable (BA4510KIZ).


  • Measurement cell does nog require daily of weekly calibration and is nearly drift free
  • 4 – 20 mA analog output
  • RS 232 -Interface
  • Internal sampling pump
  • Simple menu -guided operation
  • Programmable alarm output.

Buhler BA4510 PDF

Buhler BA4510
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