Buhler BA6000o2

Buhler BA6000o2
Buhler BA6000o2

The BA 6000 oxygen analyzer is based on the para-pneumatic principle which is derived from paramagneti technology. Unlike traditional paramagnetic (dumb-bell) analyzers, this instrument has no moving parts in the measurement cell and is impervious to the effects of vibration. This analyzer is ideally suited for reactive gas mixtures of where corrosion of a traditional paramagnetic sensor is a concern. The standard configuration of this analyzer is designed for non-explosive atmospheres.


  • 0/2/4 to 20 mA output
  • Auto-ranging or manual range switching
  • Storage of measured values during adjustment
  • Selectable time constants
  • Simple operation using menu based system
  • Short response time
  • Low long-term drift
  • Two-stage access code
  • Pressure corrections
  • Optional external pressure sensor
  • Automatic range calibration
  • Monitoring of sample gas and/or reference gas (option)
  • RS 485 serial interface
  • Several standard low ranges available such as 0,5%, 2,0% or 5,0% O2

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Buhler BA6000o2
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