Buhler EGK12

Buhler EGK12
Buhler EGK12

Accurate measurements of gases require gas samples with stable dew points even under harsh ambient conditions. The EGK models provide a compressor-type cooling system connected to a cooling block. The cooling block evenly dissipates the heat thus supporting the highly efficient heat exchangers. The temperature of the cooling block is regulated by the Buhler Constant Regulating System. This system allows smooth regulation and eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional on-off operating mode. The cooling block accomodates either a single stream or a dual stream heat exchager hence the cooler may serve two separate sample gas streams.

Condensate is removed either bu peristaltic pump, by automatic condensate drains or condensate vessels.


  • Compact design
  • Single or dual gas streams
  • Heat exchangers made of stainless steel, Duran glass and PVDF
  • Buhler Constat Regulating System
  • Cooling block temperature display
  • Self-checking
  • Status alarm
  • Cooling capacity 320 kJ/h
  • Dewpoint stability 0,1°C
  • CFC-free
  • FM approval

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Buhler EGK12
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