Buhler EGK2EX

Buhler EGK2EX
Buhler EGK2EX

Accurate measurements of gasas require gas samples with stable dew points even under harsh ambient conditions. The EGK models provide a CFC-free, compressor-type cooling system connected to a cooling block. The cooling block evenly dissipates the heat thuis supporting the highly efficient heat exchangers. The temperature of the cooling block is regulated by the Buhler Constant Regulating System. This allows smooth regulation and eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional on-off operating mode. The controller is self-checking. Significant deviation from the the preset is signalled by a status ouptout. A bi-color LED on the front shows 4 different operating conditions. Condensate is removed either into condensate vessels or by automatic condensate drainers which can be attached to the heat exchangers with the cooler’s outer contour.


  • ATEX certificate Zone 1 (Cat. 2G)
  • CFC-free
  • Nominal cooling capacity 615 kJ/h
  • 1 or 2 heat exchangers can be inserted: up to 4 gas paths
  • Self-checking with status output
  • 4 operational conditions displayed
  • Simple operation and test
  • Easy to install
  • Condensate draining can be mounted inside of outer shape


Buhler EGK2EX
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