Buhler P2

Buhler P2
Buhler P2

The transportation of sample gas in sample conditioning systems requires reliable sample pumps. The corrosive nature of the gas and the potential of condensate formation are the real challenges for any pump. These sample pump are equipped with a bellows made from solid PTFE. This design has demonstrated the highest reliability and long lifetime in numerous applications. Designed specifically for harsh gas applications that have entrained liquids present or where condensate is expected to form, it is recommended that the pump head be pointed downwards to accomodate draining of these liquids. A special flange design makes the P2.4 and P2.84 designs suitable for hot applications. The flange is designed in two parts one -carrying the pump heas- is installed in a heated cabinet and the other -carrying the electrical motor- is flanged to the outside of the cabinet keeping the motor in ambient conditions.


  • Robust and reliable design
  • Easy to replace valves
  • Bellow made of one solid piece
  • Pumps gases with entrained liquid
  • Long life
  • Explosion-proof version available
  • Low noise
  • 115 V – models with CSA and FM approval

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Buhler P2
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