Buhler PKE5

Buhler PKE5
Buhler PKE5

The PKE models feature a semiconductor Peltier cooling system with an aluminum cooling block. Fitted into the block are one or two removable high efficient heat exchanger made of stainless steel, DURAN-glass or PVDF. The PKE 5 is designed for moderate ambient and gas temperatures (150 l/h @ 70°C) and an inlet dew point of about 40°C (appox. 5 Vol%). For higher ambient temperatures up to a maximum of 50°C order the PKE 52x. The dew point of 5°C is regulated by an electronic controller. The temperature (in °C or °F) of the cooling block is shown on a programmable LED-display. The status is indicated by a flashing display which shows too high or low temperature and operates together with a relay in fail-safe mode. Condensate is removed by peristalic pumps, automatic condensate drains or condensate vessels.


  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance  required
  • Low noise
  • Model available for high ambient temperatures
  • Nominal cooling capacity 90/100 kJ/h
  • Dew point stability 0.1°C
  • Status display and status output
  • Cooling temperature display

Buhler PKE 5 PDF

Buhler PKE5
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