ASaP LNG technology update

The 2nd half of 2019 saw the breakthrough of ASaP LNG technology in the US market. Three American end-users, including the numbers 1 and 2 in the Texas-Louisiana area, selected our LNG sampler and Phazer probe-vaporizer as their standard solution. With many others to follow, we created PET64 based in Houston as our sister company[…]

Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System

ASaP recently completed the delivery of their new, Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System. Unique features for the system are: Small footprint Small footprint (2.5 x 0.6 m) compared to other continuous type LNG sampling systems. Can be utilized even onboard offshore constructions if mandatory. Whole LNG Sampling System installed inside SS316 cabinet. Sample integrity Superior[…]

LNG sampling at low pressure paper

A typical LNG mixture start to boil at -260°F (-162°C) at atmospheric pressure. For an application like LNG sampling at low pressure with Ship-to-Ship (StS) transfers, the typical pressures in the cross over manifolds are below 1 barg. This means that the LNG nearly start to reach its boiling point prior entering the sample probe.

Field study of LNG probe-vaporizers

A Field study of LNG probe-vaporizers about quantification of precision, a comparison of sampler performance. ASaP LNG probe vaporizer field study PDF Field study abstract For comparison of two probe-vaporizer systems for LNG sampling first the main causes of bad sampling are discussed. Pre- and partial vaporization is a heat related issue that will cause[…]

Phazer – LNG Probe Vaporizer video update

With the increasing demand for the Phazer, ASaP’s unique LNG probe-vaporizer, we are increasing the testing under various circumstances. All regular tests in the ASaP laboratory are performed with Nitrogen at minus 196 °C, but we also test real life situations with LNG at minus 162 °C. recently, such a test was successfully performed at[…]

Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the[…]

Analytical techniques for the determination of sulfur components in flue gas, fuel gas and natural gas

The analyses of sulfur containing components in the different industrial gasses is a widely used measurement in the industrial environment. Sulfur is present in raw energy products when extracted from its sources for processing. Crude oils, raw coal and natural gas sources all contain sulfur in different concentrations and structure. Before crude oils are distilled[…]

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