Flare gas

DiPietroGroup orders Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy

From our Italian partner DiPietroGroup we received a very nice order for 3 Flare Gas Probes for a refinery in Italy. Two of these ASaP’s inhouse engineered probes are for high dewpoint applications which are completely heated to just above their dewpoints and the remaining is an unheated version for a standard flare gas application. All probes will be executed with ASaP’s helix design probes to eliminate Karman vortex shedding.

Another successful installation of the ASaP inclined Flare Gas Probe

ASaP has solved a major problem for a large Italian EPC contractor. Their request was to replace the existing flare gas probes on a FPSO in Brazil. ASaP has delivered two of our special inclined Flare Gas Probes which also comply with the requested API MPMS 14.1. The probes have meanwhile been installed and are[…]

Hydrogen Process Analyzer – HY-OPTIMA 2700

Refinery hydrogen recycle stream optimization The hydrogen process analyzer HY-OPTIMA 2700 can save you more than $200,000 on a yearly basis in a typical refinery process unit. As hydrogen is an extremely important, valuable, and limited resource within a modern complex refinery. The profitable operation of a refinery is increasingly dependent on effective fuel upgrading[…]

Flare Gas Probe – Sample take-off and extreme sample conditions

One of the successful developments of ASaP’s R&D department is the ASaP Inclined Fall-back Stokes’ Law Flare Gas Probe. This Flare Gas Probe solves the ‘old’ problem of plugging and fouling the probe and the sample conditioning system and the gas analyzers downstream. It ensures that the analyzer system remains protected from unexpected fouling ensuring uninterrupted[…]

H2 measurement with free of charge trial demo unit

Are you looking for a H2 measurement? We can provide you a free of charge trial demo unit. H2 measurement December update We are happy to announce that after a successful first trial period, our H2 measurement demo unit is free for measurement again. The unit ran parallel with a CGA-analyzer and the results were[…]

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