LNG – Liquified Natural Gas

MicroPhazer is the new ASaP small scale LNG probe-vaporizer

Early this year, ASaP released its new MicroPhazer which is especially designed for small scale LNG applications like Bio-LNG, LNG bunkering applications, spot checks on LNG carriers etc. The MicroPhazer can either be used for permanent installations and/or as a portable LNG probe and vaporizer.

LNG Sampler for Canada – A successful remote FAT

As ASaP we are extremely proud of our young and next generation engineers who pass their remote FAT with flying colors for a LNG Sampler project for Canada. With one of the major global stakeholders in the LNG industry as end-user, a global recognized EPC contractor and one of the largest global System Integrators, this FAT was a one of a kind.

LNG sampling with the ASaP LNG Sampler System

ASaP engineers and manufactures LNG analysis and LNG sampling systems with a wide variety of gas analyzing and LNG sampling options and solutions. The ASaP LNG Sampler System conforms to ISO 8943:2007 The ASaP LNG Sampler System is available as an Intermittent or Continuous system The ASaP LNG Sampler System is configurable to suit your[…]

LNG test unit – The 3rd generation design from ASaP

LNG test unit – ASaP is a well known manufacturer of cutting edge analytical LNG solutions like probe-vaporizer, samplers and analyzers. ASaP is actively participating in (re)writing LNG and other International standards. Therefore the need for testing is well embedded in the ASaP organization.

Cool new (LNG) AIM features and updates

So much has happened over the last few months. At ASaP our development team has been working hard on new AIM features to make our predictive maintenance and analyzer data collection software (AIM) even better and more user friendly. First we added full LNG Sampler support within AIM. Following up this February 2021 these cool[…]

Fast LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time – Phazer update

The patented ASaP Phazer LNG probe-vaporizer is now well-established as the new market leader. But being the best is not enough, staying the best is what matters! That is why at ASaP we spent the last 12 months solving an issue which is paramount for our customers: shortening the LNG probe-vaporizer cooldown time. One of[…]

LNG Sampler predictive maintenance and operation with AIM

LNG Sampler predictive maintenance is now integrated with ASaP’s proprietary Analyzer Information Module. The AIM analyzer data collection software has been developed in-house by ASaP’s engineering team and can be implemented with any brand or type of analyzer available in any analyzer system, new or retrofit! We have recently integrated AIM in our LNG Sampler[…]

Bio-LNG – Construction of the first Dutch installation has started

Renewi, Nordsol and Shell have started the construction of the first bio-LNG installation in Amsterdam Westpoort. The new bio-LNG installation is an extension for the current processing of, among other things, outdated products from the supermarkets. ASaP has been awarded to deliver the analytical instrumentation for this project and is supplying its full package for LNG[…]

This is how one Phazer can save you millions of dollars

Following the recent start-up and commissioning of ASaP’s revolutionary, patented Phazer LNG probe-vaporizer at an FLNG vessel with 2.4 million tonnes liquefaction capacity, we plotted the results of our latest Phazer model and the previously installed probe-vaporizer. Even with the current low prices of LNG, in this example we are looking at a difference in[…]

FLNG Hilli Episeyo Phazer probe-vaporizer start-up

In September, ASaP finalized the start-up and commissioning of the most recent Phazer probe-vaporizer at the FLNG Hilli Episeyo, the world’s first converted FLNG vessel designed for a liquefaction capacity of about 2.4 million tonnes of LNG per annum. With the latest ASaP Phazer probe-vaporizer technology, the analytical results on this vessel are now unmatched.[…]

LNG loading and unloading – Consider the need for accurate analysis of LNG

An accurate undertaking – By Hans-Peter Visser – LNG Industry September 2020 Nearly all LNG deliveries are subject to custody transfer where the LNG cargo is traded from one operator to another operator. Once custody transfer comes into place, contracts are involved. In sales and purchase agreements (SPA’s), the determination of the cargo value will[…]

LNG analysis for LNG energy determination

The cycle time of traditional GC analyzers that are used for LNG analysis and energy determination is several minutes. This can be an issue if gas is being exported out of specification and needs to be diverted rapidly for further process treatment. Furthermore, for accurate accounting when metering the LNG during transfer, the LNG flow[…]

ASaP LNG technology update

The 2nd half of 2019 saw the breakthrough of ASaP LNG technology in the US market. Three American end-users, including the numbers 1 and 2 in the Texas-Louisiana area, selected our LNG sampler and Phazer probe-vaporizer as their standard solution. With many others to follow, we created PET64 based in Houston as our sister company[…]

Bio-LNG plant by Osomo Projects BV

Osomo Projects BV has built a Bio-LNG production test system that gives insight in effectively processing biogas to bio-LNG. For this purpose a patented technology from iLNG is used, which has a unique process line-up that is significantly more simple, effective and stable than conventional existing LNG production facilities . With this test facility the[…]

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