Waterless Continues LNG Sampling System

Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System

ASaP recently completed the delivery of their new, Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System. Unique features for the system are: Small footprint Small footprint (2.5 x 0.6 m) compared to other continuous type LNG sampling systems. Can be utilized even onboard offshore constructions if mandatory. Whole Waterless Continuous LNG Sampling System installed inside SS316 cabinet. Sample

LNG sampling at low pressure paper

ASaP and GGS Oil & Gas at work for the world’s largest FSRU

Together with our Belgian partner GGS Oil & Gas Systems (GGS) ASaP executed an order for two Phazers (LNG probe-vaporizers) and one common intermittent LNG sampler. The Phazer is developed for direct insertion into the LNG transfer line. The Phazers and LNG sampler will be installed on the world’s largest FSRU which will be moored in Turkey.