GO Regulator Diaphragmvalves

DV1 Series 2-Way Diaphragm Valves                                                   The DV1 Series Diaphragm Valves are totally free of springs, bellows, packing, o-rings and lubricants in the process wetted area. Metal-to-metal seals to atmosphere ensure that there is no transport of undesirable elements into the fl ow stream, and no escaping of process material into the atmosphere. Elgiloy® diaphragms ensure

GO Regulator BP6

BP-6 Series                                                                     High Flow Back Pressure Regulator The BP-6 Series was originally designed as a back pressure regulator for reverse osmosis water purification systems. It may also be easily used in pilot facilities and large instrumentation systems. The standard 316 stainless seat assembly, which was intended for long term usage in sea water, can also

GO Regulator BP3

BP-3 Series Adjustable Back Pressure Regulators   The BP-3 Series is designed for either liquid or gas service in instrumentation systems. Similar in design to pressure reducing control regulators which regulate outlet pressures, back pressure regulators control the inlet pressure. The many features of this regulator, particularly its precise throttling action, make it ideal for this