MCZ Easythene, the easiest ethylene monitor

Ethylene monitor, for control of catalysts in CO2 fertilization systems or for C2H4 detection for ripening process control. Ethene acts as a hormone in the ripening process of plants. To avoid destruction of plants and fruits because of high ethylene levels it is necessary to know the real amount of C2H4 in the atmosphere. To

MCZ GC Modules

The calibration system CGM enables the automation of such routine tasks as calculation and adjustment of span gas concentrations. It is possible to set up complete test programs for multipoint calibrations. Up to eight span gas modules can be controlled with the software. Software runs on PC under Windows 98, Windows NT or 2000. The


The mobile calibration system MK5-BNT is available in two designs.Once as a permeation system to produce span gases according to the permeation method or with an ozon generator to produce ozon span gases – optionally with the added possibility for gas phase titration. Both designs posses an internal zero gas supply for the calibration process,