Ametek 4000

AMETEK Western Research’s Model 4000 Photometric Analyser is the world’s choice for reliable, accurate, continuous, on-line photometry measurement, and the only photometric analyzer on the market with over 40 years of actual field experience in thousands of applications. The analyzer was initially developed to fill various measurement needs within the chemical industry, and later the

Ametek 4610

The 4610 Analyzer System is designed for source monitoring of nitrogen oxides. With minor changes, it can also be used for analysis of much higher concentrations (up to 100%) of nitrogen oxides in gas streams typical in acid plants. BENEFITS Complete system for monitoring NO and NO2 from emission sources. Minimum full scale range 200

Ametek IPS4 Inside

Ametek IPS4

AMETEK’s Western Research® IPS-4 is a huge step forward in capability and reliability for process spectrophotometers. Using the most modern electronics and diode array technology, the IPS-4 is engineered to perform a wide variety of liquid and gas analyses using UV-VIS spectroscopy. BENEFITS • Measures up to eight wavelengths • Low cost of ownership •