Mass spectrometers

Ametek ProMaxion

AMETEK’s ProMaxion process mass spectrometer offers real-time gas analysis in a reliable easy-to-use package for a wide range of industrial applications. With more than 20 years’ experience in mass spectrometer design and manufacture, and over six thousand quadrupole analyzers operating reliably worldwide, ProMaxion brings cost-effective, high-performance analysis to your process. APPILCATIONS Ammonia Ethylene Ethylene Oxide[…]

Ametek ProLine

With outstanding sensitivity, stability and unequaled clean mass separation across the whole mass range, these analyzers offer process MS at a process GC price. Available in benchtop, weatherproof and hazardous area configurations, the analyzers can sample from up to 32 inlet ports each of which can be assigned different analysis methods. Now you can afford[…]

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