Infrared photometers

ABB EasyLine analyzer series

The ABB EasyLine analyzer series is both a powerful and affordable line of instruments for the monitoring of gas concentrations in numerous applications. ABB offers three series of extractive gas analyzers catering to a diverse range of industries and applications.

ABB Advance Optima Integrated analyzer system solution

The ABB Advance Optima Integrated analyzer system has a modular design that offers a long-term security in your investment. Analyzer modules can be freely combined into tailor-made solutions and upgraded or extended with new features at any time. Remote modules are easily attached and centrally operated.

Buhler BA3500

The central processing unit of BA 3500 communicates with up to three measuring modules, equippedwith diverse measuring cells. Differen measurement combinations are possible. One channel mag be equipped with paramagnetic cell measuring %-range Oxygen, while the second channel measures oom-Oxygen using a Zirconia cell. Another combination may consist of IR-measuring cell, either on each measuring[…]

Buhler BA5000

The BA 5000 gas analyzer can measure up to 4 gas components. The instrument can be configured a maximum of three infrared gases usch as CO, CO2 , NO, SO2 or CH4 plus the measure of O2 with an electrochemical fuel cell. For oxygen analysis, the BA5000 can be equipped with either electrochemical of paramagnetic[…]

Buhler BA6000IR

The BA 6000 IR single or dual channel gas analyzer operates as a NDIR instrument. It is ideally suited to measure any gas in the IR region betwee 2 and 9 µm, such as CO, CO2, NO, SO2, NH3, H2O, CH4 and other hydrocarbons. Single channel analyzers measure one gas component while dual channel analyzers[…]

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