Sulfur analysis with sulfur analyzers

Ametek 881NSL

AMETEK’s No Sample Line technology for the sulphur pit. The 881-NSL has no costly troublesome external sample line. The analyzer mounts directly on your sulphur pit lid, eliminating sample line plugging, the number one problem in Claus Plant analysis. The 881-NSL photometer combines an extraordinary long lamp life (estimated 5 years!) with many innovative features[…]

Ametek 880NSL

AMETEK Western Research®, the leader in tail gas analysis for over 25 years, is proud to introduce Model 880-NSL (No Sample Line) tail gas analyzer. This compact, rugged, transmitter-style analyzer mounts directly on your process pipe. The Model 880-NSL was designed using new technological advancements developed to meet your operational demands. APPLICATIONS Sulphur recovery units[…]

Ametek 933

AMETEK Western Research® has responded to the need for a low maintenance, reliable, and rugged H2S analyzer by developing the Model 933. The Model 933 uses AMETEK Western Research’s proprietary frontal elution chromatography sampling technique, combined with our exceptionally high resolution multi-wavelength UV optical bench. The result is a unique low level H2S analyzer that is[…]

Ametek 930

Backed by over thirty years of process and analyzer experience in sulphur recovery, AMETEK Western Research developed the Model 930 H2S Vapour Space Analyser for sulphur pit storage applications. The AMETEK- designed Model 930 has been field proven as one of the industry’s most reliable instruments for monitoring H2S and SO2 APPLICATION Sulphur recovery, storage, and[…]

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