Sample gas pumps to transport gas to gas analyzers

Sample gas pumps by Bühler Technologies

Sample gas analysis systems require sample gas pumps when the process pressure is not sufficient to transport an adequate volume of sample gas to the analysers reliably. The frequent corrosive and aggressive nature of the sample gas demands special properties of the material in contact with the media. The pumps can also transport potential condensate.

Buhler SM6

These highly corrosion resistant flow meters are suitable for both liquid and gaseous applications. The SM-6-V combines a flow meter with a precision needle valve to regulate and adjust the flow. In applications where flow monitoring is critical, the flow meter can be equipped with a bi-stable flow sensor. Any deviation fron the set point[…]

Buhler SSM

Handling hazardous liquids or gases requires the use of flow meters with the vulnerable parts such as the metering glass protected against breakage. The S-SM safety flow meter provides sealed protection glass around the metering glass and an outer stainless steel shell with a sight window. A variety of construction materials is available to meet[…]

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