Modulair sample handling systems

Buhler MAS

The Buhler MAS system combines a 19″gas analyzer and a sample conditioning system in a rigid transport case. The conditioning components, including the cooler, filter, pump and flow meter, are customized to the application. The transport case is a double wall construction and highly shock resistant. Wheels, carrying handles and a handle for pulling the[…]

Buhler SCS19

The Buhler Model SCS Sample Gas Conditioner is a pre-engineered, pre-packaged sampling system including all pneumatic components that are normally used in gas analysis systems. The SCS integrates the following pneumatic functions: sample pump, sample cooler, calibration gas valves, flow meters, condensate drains, particulate filtration, and operator interface, PLC or data logger control features all[…]

Buhler TGAK3

The Buhler Model TGAK 3 is a complete, portable gas conditioning system in a rugged metal case. The basic model consists of a gas cooler with condensate vessel, a gas pump, filter, moisture detector and a flow meter with needle valve. A version without the pump is also available. The TGAK features a unique fail-safe[…]

Circor MS3

The CIRCOR Tech product line consists of μMS3 Series Sample Conditioning Systems, D Series Modular Diaphragm Valves and all related CIRCOR Tech Certified, NeSSI Compliant 3rd-Party Components necessary to build modular sample conditioning systems for analyzers. Along with the hardware, the CIRCOR Tech product line includes a myriad of service attributes, such as Expert Process[…]

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