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LNG Energy Determination for Custody Transfer: TrueValue

ASaP and Orbital joined forces and have developed an LNG Energy Determination solution using the GasPT product and the ASaP Phazer – LNG Probe-Vaporizer to provide accurate and continuous measurement of LNG properties so that operators can accurately and reliably account for every drop of LNG during transfer.

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Phazer – LNG Probe-Vaporizer for accurate LNG samples

ASaP introduces their revolutionary LNG probe-vaporizer The Phazer conforms to ISO 8943 and is tested against EN 12838. Your LNG measurement is only as accurate as your provided sample… The Phazer is the only cryogenic LNG probe-vaporizer that provides verifiably accurate and representative LNG samples at 0,9 barg. If you have questions about the Phazer,