ASaP Engineer and SolidWorks

Improving quality with SolidWorks

For the past year, our engineers have increasingly worked with SolidWorks to increase the quality level of engineering and eliminate inefficiencies in production. After intensive training on the use of the software package, we are now seeing pay-off on: Reproducability on detail level Simple and accurate modelling of systems Preventing error through SW E intelligence

ISA symposium 2016 Galveston Logo

ASaP at ISA symposium Galveston

Mr. Hans-Peter Visser of ASaP has been invited to speak on two recent developments, the latest version of the LNG Phazer and the revolutionary Flare Gas Probe. In Galveston there will be plenty of opportunity to learn, network, and enjoy at the 61st Analysis Division Symposium. This is a long-running spring symposium, sponsored by the