Classic Filters products, industries, and applications

ASaP Classic Filters products, industries, and applicationsClassic Filters industries

Classic Filters is providing filter solutions to a wide range of industries. Whilst they are most know for instrumentation and analyzer applications, their filter products are used in a huge variety of applications.

Classic Filters products

Microfiber Filter Elements

ASaP Classic Filter ptfe membrane housings

Disposable microfiber filter elements for particulate and coalescing applications. A range of size and grades to cover all applications. Industry standard sizes allows use in other propriety filter housings. Microfiber filter elements can remove up to 99.9999% of 0.1 micron particles and aerosols from gases.

Stainless Steel Elements

ASaP Classic Filter stainlss steel filter elements

Stainless steel filter elements from 5-layer sintered mesh and single layer types. The 5-layer types are sintered together to form an integrated porous element. The middle mesh is of very fine gauge and determines the filtration rate, with five inner and outer layers of coarser mesh overlaid to give support and protection.

PE & PTFE Filter Elements

ASaP Classic Filter ptf and pe filters

PTFE and PE sintered filter elements for particulate applications. Special sizes and grades can be produced to suit your applications. PTFE (Teflon) filter elements, when used with our FF series filter housings, offer a 100% PTFE solution.

Disposable In-Line Filters

ASaP Classic Filter disposable in line filtersDisposable in-line filters are a self-contained filter solution. A disposable filter element is encapsulated into a plastic body with integral inlet and outlet spigots. DIFs offer a low cost filter solution that is fast and easy to replace. Stainless steel mesh elements can also be installed.

316L Stainless Steel Filter Housings

ASaP Classic Filter 316L stainless steel filter housings316L stainless steel housings for particulate and coalescing duties in a huge ranges of sizes and pressure ratings. Port sizes from 1/8″ up to 2″ and from vacuum to over 1300 bar working pressures. All our stainless steel housings have CE marks if required and offer complete traceability.

PTFE Membrane Housings

ASaP Classic Filter ptfe membrane housingsPTFE-membrane housings with both hydrophobic and oleophobic membrane types for high-performance separation liquid from gases. Combination housings with both a PTFE-membrane and coalescing filter element. Liquid/liquid separation is also possible using our specially designed membrane housings.

Aluminium Filter Housings

ASaP Classic Filter aluminium filter housingsClassic Filters’ high-efficiency aluminium filter housings are purpose built for compressed air applications. With a wide selection of port sizes and pressure ratings available, we will provide a high efficiency filtration solution to suit your application requirements.

Plastic Filter Housings

ASaP Classic Filter plastic filter housingsAvailable in PTFE, PP, PVDF and Nylon and several different sizes and configurations. We can offer custom housing for OEM applications using our NT, NL and NNS series housings as a basis. Low cost and effective filtration.

Adsorber Products

ASaP Classic Filter adsorber products

Disposable In-Line Adsorbers (DIA) consist of plastic bodies filled with granular adsorption material and fitted with integral inlet and outlet filter pads. The adsorber cartridges have a similar arrangement to the DIA but are designed to be fitting into filter housings. Other special adsorber products can also be supplied.

Flanged Filter Housings

ASaP Classic Filter flanged housingsStainless steel housings with flanges machined into the head. Al components are machined from solid 316L bar and no welding is needed – CE marked as required by PED 97/23/EC. All flange types can be supplied including ASME/ANSI B16.5, BS 4504, SAE flanges.

Drain Vessels

ASaP Classic Filter drain vesselsDrain vessels increase the drainage capacity of coalescing filter housings. Drain vessels can either be attached directly to the drain port of a housing in effect extending the bowl of the housing to allow far more liquid to be held, or they can be attached with valves so the liquid can be drained into the drain vessel and then the drain vessel emptied later.

Automatic Drains

ASaP Classic Filter automatic drainsAutomatic drains are used to remove liquids automatically from a coalescing filter housing – they connect directly to the drain port of the filter housing. Our DN103 and DF105 stainless steel automatic drain housings are used in positive pressure applications to eliminate the manual draining of coalesced liquids.

Filter Regulators

ASaP Classic Filter filter regulatorsRegulator and filter regulators in 316L stainless steel with either a plastic or stainless steel bonnet. These housings are Ideal for instrument air applications. The filter regulators can be fitted with a stainless steel filter element of a disposable particulate or coalescing type element.

Cyclone Filters

ASaP Classic Filter cyclone filtersCyclone filter housings are one of the most innovative, low maintenance solutions for liquid filtration available. The cyclone effect is used to flush the face of the filter disc so the solid particles are removed to the bypass port and only the low flow sample is filtered.

Fast Loop Filters

ASaP Classic Filter fast loop filtersFast loop filter housings minimise the time delay associated with sample systems for on-line analysers. A relatively high flow is used to get the sample close to the analyser, before the low flow sample is split using the filter housing and the rest of the flow returned to the process via the fast loop.

SP76 Modular Substrate Filter Housings

ASaP Classic Filter ptfe membrane housingsHousing or SP76 modular substrate sampling systems. Classic Filters offers 316L stainless steel filter housings for particulate and coalescing duties and PTFE-membrane housings that conform to SP76 standards. All our housings are designed to have a minimal internal volume to increase the response time.

Classic Filters applications

Classic Filter have a vast experience of supplying filter products for a huge range of industries and applications. We do have specialist knowledge in several application areas though and these are listed below to give a view of our capabilities. If you don’t see your application here please give us a call we are sure to find you a good solution. Some of the industries areas are listed below.

  • Natural Gas and Oil Processing
  • Offshore
  • Oil Refining and Petrochemical Plants
  • Polymer Processing
  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Industrial Processing
  • Steel Manufacturing Plants
  • Coal Fired Power Plants
  • Gas Fired Power Plants
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Cement Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Crematoriums
  • Printing Machinery
  • Food Processing
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Water Treatment
  • Brewery
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive Engine R&D
  • Automotive Testing
  • Landfill Monitoring
  • Incinerators
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Vacuum Pump Industry
  • Pilot Plants

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