Client quotes

Dear Hans, Martin, Lindert,

It was a great journey with your team. It took more than 3 years!! I will say that I got great support from Lindert!! Also, Martin provided invaluable support. We concluded with CFAT @ Netherlands. Also, you know that remote FAT at your place has been judged as the best remote FAT by customers and by Yokogawa. Your team exceeded expectations!!

Thijs also did a great job (Pls say my regard to him as well).

Pls keep the same momentum and service from ASaP.

– Quote from after Cyber Security Factory Acceptance Test (CFAT)

Prestigious client happy with ASaP’s LNG probe reference:

“At the request of ASaP this letter may serve as reference.

The reasons for a happy customer from the Middle East to purchase the LNG probe and vaporizer 8943 By-Pass from Analytical Solutions and Products B.V. (ASaP) are;

It is the most advanced design which is currently commercially available on the market.
It is the only vaporizer system which take care for a sub – cooling of the sample before vaporization. The Flange connection avoid any unnecessary heat leak on the sample transfer to the vaporizer system. Due to the flexible design on the orifice and heater system, the flow can be easily adjusted to the process requirements as well as to the required flow rate to overcome the natural heat input to the sample

It has no moving parts and it is flexible in configuration. Installation work on site is expected to be kept to a minimum.
Operational and maintenance costs are predicted to be minimal.
The ASaP solution appears to be the perfect match for a happy customer from the Middle East with regards to technical requirements, flexibility and planning.
With the investment of a happy customer from the Middle East in ASaP’s LNG probe and vaporizer 8943 By-Pass, a return on investment of 1 to 2 weeks is predicted.

The functionality of the system was tested and the outcome is above expectation. Even without proper insulation on the transfer part, the contact temperature on the bottom part (close to the hot section) was found to be below -150°).”

– Quote from the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

A great e-mail recommendation:

“Dear mr. Nikolaou,

You may contact mr H.P. Visser of ASAP company directly.
Mr Visser is the Dutch representative of several analyzer manufacturers and I assume that he can help you with this problem. The company ASAP has a lot of experiences in this field. If they cannot solve this problem, nobody can.

Best regards”

– Ir. Hans Borsboom
Principal Process Engineer
Comprimo Sulfur Solutions
Jacobs Nederland B.V.

A compliment on ASaP’s quality:

“Hi Hans-Peter,

Not sure if I responded to your email…I have been out for 28 days..anyway thanks for sending through the
literature of the ABC+ Valero project. The design work and system integration work is the most thorough I have
come across in the analyzer industry. The finished product looks very impressive. I am interested to know how it
performs when everything is up and running.


– Neil W. Holmes
Instrument Engineer
Gorgon Construction Team
Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
Greater Gorgon Development

Client quotes
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