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The icon scientific Colour Opacity Analyzer uses a dispersive spectrometer module to carry out colour, opacity and concentration measurement.

  • Easy to use: with an armored glass wipe-clean touch-screen and intuitive multi-lingual graphic user interface.
  • Certified to global standards: ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, EAC, and ETL approved to give absolute confidence and peace of mind in hazardous areas and manufactured under an ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.
  • Robust and fully explosion proof: no air or inert gas purging required for safe operation in explosion hazard areas. Safety assured: with an alarm for internal sample leakage.
  • Highly efficient: with low sample consumption and a sample flow monitor.
  • Flexible: with auto validation or calibration options and standard Modbus, 4-20mA, and digital contact outputs.
Colour Opacity Analyzer with Illuminating technology brochure - ICON
Icon’s Colour Opacity Analyzer with Illuminating technology

What does the Colour Opacity Analyzer do?

The icon scientific Colour Opacity Analyzer uses a dispersive spectrometer module to carry out colour, opacity and concentration measurement. It is designed to overcome the shortcomings of optical filter-based instruments, such as sensitivity losses due to band-pass width and the low transmission characteristics of fixed optical filters. The analyzer can measure colour and opacity simultaneously, and can perform concentration measurements based on light absorption at single or multiple wavelengths.

A unique measuring instrument, the analyzer is extremely versatile and can be readily re-programmed in the field. It provides accurate measurement on the many petroleum products that have colour as part of their specification. It can be used to duplicate a range of standard visual colour comparison tests dealing with light and dark samples. Delivering exceptional results, the analyzer can enable you to measure contamination, purity or the clarity of a liquid. It is particularly good at detecting dye colour and product contamination in pipeline applications.

How does the analyzer work?

The Colour Opacity Analyzer uses visible light produced by a 12V 10W tungsten lamp running under reduced voltage to increase its life. Light passes out of the analyzer enclosure through an optical window and moves along a fiber-optic cable to an external measuring cell. The light enters the cell through another window fitted with a focusing lens. It then passes through the test sample and out via a further window and fiber-optic cable. It travels back into the enclosure to the dispersive spectrometer module, where the optical transmission or absorbance measurements are carried out. These measurements are fed into a control computer which calculates the final results.

Why choose the Icon Scientific Colour Analyzer?

  • Fiber optic cables: allows separation of measuring cell and controller if required.
  • Standard SMA connectors: a range of third-party transmittance and reflectance measuring cells can be used in addition to the standard icon transmittance cells.
  • Stability: to compensate for drift and dirt build-up on the cell windows, all measurements are carried out using one or more reference wavelengths.
  • Dual method analysis: The Colour Opacity Analyzer can perform up to two simultaneous measurements as standard. These could include any combination of colour, opacity, or concentration measurements.

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