Continuous emission & environmental monitoring

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Continuous Emission & Combustion efficiency monitoring

Ametek Land Combustion FGA Gas Analyzers

A CEM or AMS system in terms of number of gases measured and data reporting, can often be met by a single product from our product range. The solution does not need to be a systems integration exercise. However, when you are looking for a flexible approach to system design which may include components from other suppliers, Ametek can provide complete, integrated systems - not just a series of components.

VOCS in ambient air (MIMS)

Ametek Dycor ProMaxion Process Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer

The bio fuel production process often produces toxic substances or use such substances in their manufacturing process. As a result there is a requirement to monitor the environment in and around the plant to ensure that the concentrations of known pollutants remain below the exposure limits. Equipped for Membrane Interface Mass Spectroscopy (MIMS), the ProMaxion uses a dimethylsilicone membrane inlet coupled directly to its ion source along with a multi port arrangement for multiple sample stream selection and the introduction of calibration standards. Thanks to its extremely fast response and high sensitivity, a single analyzer can be used to monitor up to 80 ambient air sample locations around a plant.

Compliance monitoring for opacity and dust

Ametek Land Model 4500 MkIII opacity and dust monitor

Dust is an element of air pollution regulated by regional and federal air pollution control agencies. Facilities must demonstrate compliance by implementing a dust control program. The 4500 MkII+ is designed for compliance applications. It uses patented "Flood LED" technology to achieve the highest levels of stability and accuracy and is approved to the latest government standards. Using RS232 or RS485 serial Modbus interface, it is easily integrated into your plant control system.

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