Ethanol & Bio gas production

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Control of fermentation

What is RQ?

Fermentation is the process by which living organisms are cultured to produce a specific product. Fermentation reactions must be closely monitored to gauge the health of the culture and to determine when it can be harvested. The levels of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the off-gases are used to follow the progress of fermentation. The ratio is called the respiratory quotient (RQ) and is the prime indicator of culture health.

Ethanol Production

Ethanol offers a valuable energy alternative to fossil fuels, which are both nonrenewable and contribute significantly to atmospheric pollution. Ethanol is often referred to as a bio fuel since it can be manufactured by fermenting grains, plant biomass and other organic materials using microorganisms such as yeast cells. Ethanol can be used as a fuel directly, but most often it is blended with gasoline (at about 5-10%) to yield gasohol.

Trash to Clean Energy

As the population of our planet continues to grow, millions of tons of waste accumulate in landfills around the world. Landfills release gases, mostly methane gas, which has become an important contributor to global warming. But methane gas can be captured and used to power businesses and vehicles and heat homes and greenhouses. According to the EPA, 350 landfills across the U.S. are converting landfill gas to clean energy. In addition to the United States, 15 other countries also plan to recover and process methane gas from landfills. Experts project that the environmental and economic benefits of using landfill gas as an alternate energy source will triple in the next few years.

Bio gas Analysis

Stan Siegel, owner of Green GasEnergy, LLC : "The Ametek ProLine is a great example of a modern, on-line analytical tool. High performance and reliability coupled with easy operation allows us to turn landfill gas into a pipeline quality product. The high speed analysis and multi point sampling makes for fast process optimization. And the low maintenance overhead of the instrument guarantees we'll stay that way."

Ametek Dycor ProLine RQ Process Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer

The Ametek Dycor ProLine RQ Process Mass Spectrometer Gas Analyzer can monitor multiple fermentation reactors simultaneously and measure all of the gases entering and exiting each reactor. Most important are the O2 consumed, the CO2 produced, and the ethanol content in the vent gas. This provides a continuous, highly refined control signal to maximize culture health and productivity.

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