Expertise projects

Here are a few examples of the expertise projects that ASaP is involved with:

 Gas chromatography

  • Impurities analysis in emission CO2, the CO2 is used in greenhouses for plant growth
  • Compositional & impurities analysis in natural gas & bio gas, for on and off-shore product quality contro
  • Anesthetic gasses analysis in OC’s of hospitals. For personal protection
  • Ultra low impurities analysis for the protection of catalyst used in gas to liquid production plants (Shell GTL production)

ABB PGC-5000 touch screen

Mass spectrometry

  • Headspace analysis for yeast quality & production control in brewery’s & pharmaceutical plants
  • Solvent drying analysis for medicine production control
  • Oxygen, moisture & residual gasses analysis. For Quality control during Semiconductor production. (quartz crystal, zircon).

Ametek Dycor ProLine Mass Spectrometer


  • Sulfur emission determination in industrial stacks for environmental protection
  • Sulfur species analysis for control of sulfur removal plants
  • Toxic gasses analysis in environmental air for the personal protection
  • Environmental emission analysis in power plants, refineries & chemical plants

Ametek Model 888 Tailgas Analyzer 2

CO2 and O2

  • CO2 analysis for research projects in CO2 removal by amines, membranes & centrifugal removal equipment
  • Oxygen analysis & calibration equipment for oxygen control in cockpits of jet-planes at the Dutch Air Force (zircon).

ABB Advance Optima AO2000 Series

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