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The icon scientific Flash Point Analyzer measures the lowest temperature at which typically kerosene or diesel fuel will form a flammable vapour mixture with air.

  • Easy to use: with an armored glass wipe-clean touch-screen and intuitive multi-lingual graphic user interface.
  • Certified to global standards: ATEX, IECEx, TIIS, EAC, and ETL approved to give absolute confidence and peace of mind in hazardous areas and manufactured under an ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System.
  • Robust and fully explosion proof: no air or inert gas purging required for safe operation in explosion hazard areas. Safety assured: with an alarm for internal sample leakage.
  • Highly efficient: with low sample consumption and a sample flow monitor.
  • Flexible: with auto validation or calibration options and standard Modbus, 4-20mA, and digital contact outputs.

Flash Point Analyzer with more precision more profit brochure - ICON
Icon’s Flash Point Analyzer more precision more profit

What does the Flash Point Analyzer do?

The icon scientific Flash Point Analyzer measures the lowest temperature at which typically kerosene or diesel fuel will form a flammable vapour mixture with air. The analyzer heats a sample and applies a test spark to the headspace above the liquid. Delivering repeatable results, it enables you to minimize give-away when blending to specifications, and to determine the safe storage temperatures for various petroleum products. Using sample heating and spark ignition to measure flash point, the Flash Point Analyzer correlates well with standard laboratory tests and is immune to sulfur compounds. It is equipped with computer-controlled air and sample flow rates, positive spark detection, integral sample cooler, internal camera, and electrode decoking system. These state-of-the art features allow you to observe the spark and inspect the electrodes without having to open the explosion-proof box. The results are compatible with those produced by any standard flash point test methods, such as IP170, ASTM D92 and ASTM D93

How does the analyzer work?

The sample is pumped into a test cup and trapped within it. At a controlled rate, air is also introduced to the test cup, which is then heated. At selected intervals, a high-voltage spark is generated by electrodes positioned over the sample. When it is reached, the flash point is detected by a highly sensitive low-mass thermocouple. The sample flow is then re-established and the air flow increased, allowing the test cup to cool in preparation for the next cycle of the Flash Point Analyzer.

Why choose the Icon Scientific Flash Point Analyzer?

  • Inbuilt sample metering pump: internal, programmable flow metering pump provides more accurate flow-rate control than traditional flow meters.
  • Mass flow controller: provides programmable air flow and more accurate flow rate control than traditional flow meters.
  • Inbuilt inspection facility: internal camera enables flash point and spark observation without the need to open the explosion-proof box. This makes the whole process safer and easier to monitor.
  • Spark electrode cleaning system: air is blown through the electrode assembly during cooling, and the electrodes are sparked to remove any deposits that have formed. This keeps the electrodes clean and enables routine maintenance without having to open the explosion-proof box.
  • Return to pressure option: where no atmospheric return point is available, an internal recovery unit is offered to return against back pressures up to 5 barg.
  • Inbuilt sample coolers: peltier-based sample coolers ensure that incoming sample is cooled below the flash point temperature.
  • Flash cup cleaning system: optional automatic cleaning system may be used to reduce the maintenance frequency of the flash cup. Contact icon for more details.
  • Atmospheric pressure compensation: Flash Point Analyzer results are adjusted according to atmospheric pressure as defined in the standard test methods.