H2scan H2 measurement in industrial applications

H2scan H2 measurement in industrial applicationsH2 measurement

The H2scan analyzer has the sole purpose of measuring hydrogen in numerous industrial applications. H2scan H2 measurement features portable hydrogen monitors, used for safety purposes or leak testing. In addition, the portfolio of H2scan features a hydrogen process analyzer. The hydrogen process analyzer is classified ATEX  zone 1 and can be used from the ppm range (5000ppm) up to 100% hydrogen.  It uses a solid state non consumable sensor configured to your process stream. It can handle H2S up to a maximum of 20% and expresses no cross sensitivity with other gasses.

H2scan Finds its typical use in numerous applications, including:

  • Refinery applications: Reforming, cracking, recycle gas, tail gas, fuel gas and flare gas
  • Natural gas applications: H2 measurements in natural gas.
  • Industrial gas supply: Air Separation, syngas, methane reforming, electrolysis process streams
  • Petrochemical: H2 measurements in polymer feedstocks and flare gas.

If there may be any questions regarding H2scan, please do not hesitate to contact one of the following contact persons:

Romano van de Ketterij rvandeketterij@asap.nl

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