Introducing Daniël Oostema

Daniel Oostema

My name is Daniël Oostema, married for almost 8 years and a proud dad of a daughter and a son. When I am not preparing BBQ, playing games or having fun with family and friends, you can find me on the road taking my sports bike out for a spin. 

After getting my degree in chemical engineering, I found out that my heart was with sales. I have been working as sales engineer or sales manager ever since, focusing on chemical analysis equipment used in laboratories, universities, factories etc. The last 9 years I have been traveling throughout Europe as an International Sales Manager. Introducing a fairly new technology (Non Thermal Plasma) which was developed for reducing industrial odour emissions, finding new agents and distributors and building a strong network in various industries and countries.  

From September 1st this year I started with ASaP and I will focus on sales in the Benelux, and hopefully I can use my network around Europe to introduce ASaP’s products and services to other industries and markets.

So, interested to hear what we have to offer or just want to catch up over a up of coffee, drop me an email or give me call on my cell.  

Introducing Daniël Oostema
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