Introducing Fulco van Neijenhof

Fulco van Neijenhof - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Fulco van Neijenhof and I started my professional career at AsaP in the service department in October 2013.

Prior to working at ASaP I studied chemistry at the University of Amsterdam followed by a master’s study in Forensic Science, from which I graduated cum laude.

I researched illicit drug syntheses and analysis of drugs via GC-MS, LC-MS and ion chromatography.

Being new to this field of work ASaP has given me all the tools to quickly develop myself and go out into the field. In the past 20 months, I have gained experience in continuous gas analysis, various oxygen analyses, various moisture analyses and more and I have been working in the field from Amsterdam to Taiwan!

So, if you have a problem with your analyzer, please do not hesitate to contact me!