Introducing Jan-Hein Hooijschuur

Jan-Hein HooijschuurMy name is Jan-Hein Hooijschuur and as an applied spectroscopist I joined the ASaP team in August 2015 as a R&D specialist in Raman spectroscopy. I obtained my PhD at the VU University in Amsterdam with the development of an analytical Raman spectroscopic method for the detection of life signatures in mineral matrices. There I build up a lot of knowledge about (advanced) Raman spectroscopic methods in LaserLaB Amsterdam. Prior I obtained a MSc. in analytical chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, where I studied the interaction between anti histamines drugs and the human serum albumin protein via steady-state and time-correlated fluorescence in LaserLaB Amsterdam.

In the past I gained practical lab experience as a (lab) technician in different fields and have a degree in teaching chemistry and physics. I am a member of different (international) professional organizations like the Society of Applied Spectroscopy, the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society and the Infrared and Raman Discussion Group.

I joined ASaP to strengthen the R&D group with my experience in optical spectroscopy.

For more information about me, please visit my LinkedIn.

For more information about the interaction between light and matter for chemical analysis, please send me an email.

Introducing Jan-Hein Hooijschuur
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