Introducing Marye Veerhuis

Marye Veerhuis - ASaP - Address and contact persons

My name is Marye Veerhuis, in July of 2023 I joined ASaP to strengthen the HR team.

I have worked in the last 16 years in different HR positions, mainly as an HR Manager. I have built up expertise at different companies, from small to big international corporate companies in fashion, tourism, logistics (airline) and in the medical industry.

At ASaP I have a great HR position and focusing on doing what I really want to do, which is helping the company with varies assignments/issues in the broad field of HR, organization, teams, culture, development and many more.

In the last half year, I have become acquainted with a fun and knowledgeable group of people at ASAP. I am really looking forward to work with them in 2024 and achieve great things together!

Please feel free to contact me.